Gourmet Garlic Available Online!


Located in Central Wisconsin, 3 miles west of Arpin, Wisconsin, on our family farm near scenic Powers Bluff.


  • Currently we offer three special types of garlic, and will be adding new varieties next season. Our garlic is grown using only organic methods and we are working toward certification.
  • We will be taking orders starting in May.
  • Garlic Scapes are available late June.
  • Garlic is harvested in July and cured for approximately six weeks, and ready for mailing in September.
  • If you have any questions, please email us at gourmetgarlicpatch@gmail.com, and check us out on Facebook.
  • We plant and harvest our garlic by hand and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

We are the owners & laborers:

Cheryl Brogan

Patrick Brogan

Peggy Morss

Spencer Brogan

Holly Brogan

Browse our selection of freshly grown garlic, and make an order below!

Buy our quality garlic seed for your own garden.

German Hardy

Very flavorful garlic, easy to peel and use, suitable for all types of cooking. Each bulb is 1 1/2" to 2" in size and has 4-6 cloves.

German Hardy 1 LB- $15

German Hardy 5 LB- $60

Romanian Red

This is one of the spicier garlics. It has some of the largest cloves, which make it easy to peel, cut, grate or bake. Romanian Red contains the highest amounts of Allicin (the antibiotic quality in garlic). 4-6 cloves per bulb.

Romanian Red 1 LB - $15

Romanian Red 5 LB - $60

Music Porcelain Garlic

Music Porcelain has a robust spicy garlic flavor. Each bulb is 1 1/2" or smaller in size and has 6-12 cloves.

Music Porcelain 1 LB - $15

Music Porcelain 5 LB- $60

A Mixed Bag

"A Mixed Bag" new offering to give you a chance to try our Gourmet Garlic varieties. (Note: Due to limited quantities of the Music Porcelain Garlic, we will be substituting Montana Giant Garlic that we started growing this year.)

2 LG Bulbs / Music Porcelain Garlic
2 LG Bulbs / German Hardy Garlic
2 LG Bulbs / Romanian Red Garlic

A Mixed Bag - $12

Garlic Scapes

(Available late June)

These are a green shoot that grows off the plant and are clipped off to divert the growing energy to the garlic bulb. They have a mild garlic flavor and are favorite for many recipes such as pesto, soup/stews, and sauté’s. They can be frozen up to 3 months. They are only available for a short time in late June.

Garlic Scapes 3 LBS - $29

Price = $14 scapes + $15 shipping

(Shipping based on medium flat rate box for 2-3 day shipping.)

Garlic Scapes 5 LBS - $38

Price = $23 scapes + $15 shipping

(Shipping based on medium flat rate box for 2-3 day shipping.)

Garlic Scapes 10 LBS - $67

Price = $45 scapes + $22

(Shipping based on large flat rate box for 2-3 day shipping.)

For orders over 10 LBS, please
contact us for a quote.


(Available Fall 2020 Only)

Chesnoks are large violet bulbs with a mild, creamy flavor when cooked. 9-10 bulbs per pound.

Chesnok 1 LB -$15